MacGilliossa is a Scottish/ Celtic Musical Entertainment Band with a focus on upbeat Scottish/Celtic songs and instrumentals.
The goal of the band is to thoroughly entertain the audience with foot stomping music!

Paul Macleish


Chelle Fulk


Paul Macleish


Paul was born and raised on the Scottish Border in the U.K. He has been playing Celtic music since he was fourteen years old.

He was taught the bagpipes by his Father in Scotland, and has won many competitions in the USA and Scotland.

Paul also plays, guitar, mandolin, whistles, bodhran and Irish bouzouki.

An avid Scottish historian, and story teller, Paul makes a point of telling the history, and stories behind the tunes, when performing.


    Chelle Fulk  


Chelle is an extremely talented violin, and viola player, as well as a talented vocalist .

Chelle is a professional musician who has experience playing with several popular Celtic bands.

She has toured the USA, and Internationally playing Celtic music to large audiences.

Chelle is classically trained and is also proficient in the  Irish and Scottish fiddle styles.


Dominick Mandano


Dominick has been playing percussion for over 30 years. He is an expert in Blues, Jazz and Rock drumming as well as Celtic and Tribal rhythm.

 His percussion and rhythm lend an extra excitement to the live sound of the band.

Dominick also brings a great personality to the team. His excitement and willingness to experiment with the possibilities of percussion are infectious.


KT Scott (Scotty)


Scotty is a competition bagpiper, who has won many piping competitions in the USA over the past few years. She is also a wonderful Irish whistle player and accomplished bass drummer and accordion player.

Her bagpipe skills enable the band to re-create the studio sound live on stage. 


Eiren Oh


Eiren is an inspiration to the band. Eiren is our theater fiddle player, and musical consultant. Eiren has played on several of our CD tracks and is prominent in our new theater shows.

Erin is a classical trained violin player with over 25 years experience.



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Photography and Live Video

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Dominick Mandano

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KT Scott (Scotty)


Eiren Oh