'Out of the Glen,' is the title of the new theater show that is presented by  the popular Scottish fusion band 'MacGilliossa.'

The show is designed specifically for theater or dinner /show audiences.

The show includes Scottish and Irish music as well as stories, anecdotes, dancing

and visual media that supports each song. 


The show is designed to give the audience the knowledge  and understanding each song as it is happening, as well as listening to the music itself.

The show presents a series of traditional and modern Celtic songs as well as songs written by  'MacGilliossa.'

Stories and anecdotes, that support each song include, history, humor, and folk lore, dating back to the early ages.



For more information please contact:

Paul Macleish, Event Booking /Information






Richey Suncoast Theater,  Newport Richey, Fl.                                                Dec 21st, 2019

Richey Suncoast Theater ,Newport Richey,Fl .                                                Feb 22nd, 2020

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Tarpon Springs Performing Arts Center,
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May 8th 2021

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Aug 22nd 2020